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The         Experience

Gemütlichkeit on the Go!
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Four steps to a wunderbar event,  just like the German Toast:  "One, Two, Three, DRINK!" Prost!

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Wilkommen!  Your guests walk into an immersive one-of-a-kind experience.  From familiar Oktoberfest sing-alongs to folk music that they'll know the words to before leaving, we transport you to an Alpine Biergarten or cozy Old Town Gasthaus.  The scene and tables are perfectly set, perhaps with our Bavarian china.  The bar is stocked and a madel in a dirndl serves your guest a stein full of bier or a nice aperitif.  The band leader invites everyone to raise their glasses and leads a rousing toast to Gemütlichkeit.  We are all laughing and swaying arm in arm to the music (Sweet Caroline *bah bah bah* or Hände Zum Himmel) all cozy in together.  Everyone belongs and is treated like family.  The authentic food is unique, but shockingly fresh and approachable.  Grab a bite from the Brotzeitteller and save room for schnitzel, bier by the Liter, and new and old friends!




We facilitate custom menus, decorating, party rentals, serving and bartending, live or piped music, cooking demonstrations or classes, setup, and cleanup.  Hausfrau will handle all the details so you get to enjoy your special day as a guest in your own home or venue.  We are more than just a drop off of food you can only hope to keep warm without overheating, or worse, it's cold.  We'll run the kitchen and plate meals for each of your guests or set out a family-style spread.  We make sure the table is set, the music is perfect, the candles are lit, the drinks are always full, the food is more than enough, and the finishing touches impress.  We restock as needed while you mix and mingle or take a seat without worrying about a thing.  Forget frozen cocktail meatballs and let us treat your guests like Bavarian royalty from our assortment of crowd pleasing savories and sweets.  You don't have to pronounce any of the names ~ just enjoy every bit of the complete Hausfrau experience.  And then we clean and pack up as if the Bavarian hospitality was just a dream...leaving you only with memories of Gemütlichkeit und leckeres Essen.





Hausfrau starts with fresh, local, real ingredients (as natural and organic as possible) and all the love of Oma's kitchen.  We do it right from scratch without shortcuts or pre-packaged foods ~ just like grandma did.  Our family proudly sources ingredients from other local family businesses such as Binkert's German Meats, local CSAs, Dell Creek Farm, Godfrey Bros. Meats, and Brown’s Orchard.  We strive to avoid GMOs, HFCS, artificial dyes & preservatives, MSG, processed foods, and unnaturally refined ingredients where possible.  Our kitchen uses authentic recipes bursting with flavor and freshness, delightfully presented from our kitchen to your table.





Hausfrau makes sure the drinks are generously poured and always full.  Your meal is paired with the world’s best biers (brewed according to Reinheitsgebot since the 1500's) and the finest wines of the Alpine region.  Classic lagers (pilsner, dunkel, helles), a bright hefeweizen, or a clean kölsch in every stein.  A radler keeps things light and refreshing.  We have a full German bar with Jägermeister (and other herbal liqueurs), schnapps in peach, pear, apple, peppermint, and other fruit varieties; Asbach brandy, and Bärenjäger honey liqueur.  We make our own authentic Glühwein and Heisse Schokolade ~brandy optional~ which is perfect for cool weather events.  For the kids and alkohol-frei guests we have apfelschorle, spezi, and mineral wasser in still or bubbly. 




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