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Children's Onigiri Class


Virtual or In Person


About the Event:  

Join us virtually or in person for an interactive demonstration of how to make a fun and healthy Japanese snack -- Onigiri.

These shaped rice balls can hold assorted fillings and are handily wrapped with nori perfect for a packed lunch or an after-school snack. We enjoy them for a quick dinner. If you love sushi, tuna sandwiches, or trying new things, this class is for you. So easy, even kids can work with you to make and taste something new.

Our onigiri will be made with cooked tuna so you have no need to worry about handling raw ingredients. A shopping list will be provided ahead of time as well as a reference sheet, or supplies can be purchased separately at checkout (order supplies well in advance to allow for shipping or pickup).

Kit includeds two types of rice, nori, tuna, onigiri press, and furikake. You will need to provide mayo, Kikkoman soy sauce, plastic wrap, and a rice cooker, instant pot, or pot with tight fitting lid.

Virtual and In Person class dates TBD.

Meet Your Host

Kristin Sanders

I love sharing new flavors and experiences with people, young and old! After homeschooling my own children as well as learning with them in the kitchen, I enjoy teaching what we found to be fun and tasty! I believe exploring other cultures through food breaks down barriers and leads to a more wonderfully diverse world where we appreciate differences rather than be divided by them.

Kristin Sanders
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